Laurie Manwell, PhD

Laurie Manwell

I have a PhD in Psychology & Toxicology with research and teaching focused on environmental factors affecting neurobiology, behaviour, addiction, and mental health across the lifespan with an emphasis on early development and aging: 

1) a neuropsychopharmacological perspective on the effects of drugs of abuse, including opiates, cannabis, and nicotine, on neurophysiology and behaviour and social interaction in animal models of drug addiction and mental illness; 

2) a neuropsychotechnological perspective on the effects of sensory stressors, including audiovisual and kinesthetic, on neurophysiology and behaviour including social interactions in animal models of excessive screen time (digital media use) exposure across the lifespan comparing exposure early, middle, and late developmental periods and senescence; 

3) a translational perspective on how psychological constructs can be used to understand and influence the social determinants of mental health/illness, associative stigma, public persuasion, social policy and development of a transdomain model of health across the lifespan.

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