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Arts in Society

Civics, Community and Commerce

Personal Understanding

Science and Technology

Society and Culture

Courses in Arts in Society provide students with an understanding of the importance of visual and creative arts in human affairs, artist and writer’s perceptions, and the means by which these perceptions are translated into the language of literature …

Civics, Community and Commerce courses provide students with an understanding of the meaning of freedom, rights, and participation in community and public life. Students will gain knowledge and essential skills in the functional areas of business, …

Personal Understanding courses focus on understanding the individual including their evolution, situation, relationship with others, place in the environment and universe, achievements and problems, and their meaning and purpose. …

Science and Technology courses stress scientific inquiry and focus on basic or fundamental questions of science. They may be formulated from traditional basic courses in such areas of study as agriculture, biology, chemistry, health sciences,

Society and Culture courses deal with major social and cultural themes. These courses may also stress the nature and validity of historical evidence and the variety of historical interpretation of events. Courses will provide students with a view ….