About Us

Who We Are

Canadian Centre for Learning (CCL) is an interdisciplinary, collaborative higher learning community that provides opportunities for learners to study and work with world class, experienced and dedicated academics and professionals. As a beacon of freedom, CCL is a place where people’s voices matter, learning is joyful, ideas are inspirational and impact is transformational.

Our Mission

To provide a learning environment that embraces critical, holistic, open thinking and free expression to facilitate personal and social transformation for those in search of quality higher education.

Our Vision

To Create the Next Generation of Autonomous Thinkers and Courageous Leaders for Social Transformation. Our aspiration is to become a global centre of learning that exemplifies the necessary evolution of higher education, with a vision to create the next generation of autonomous thinkers and courageous leaders for social transformation.

Our Guiding Principles

We are a group of post-secondary academics whose values have aligned and who have come together to create an improved, alternative model of higher learning.

Our goal is to create a Centre of Learning that embraces all learners and teachers, and that surpasses traditional post-secondary models.

The Centre of Learning will create an original and unconventional space that can foster collaborative, dialogic, and inquisitive teaching and learning approaches to promote individual and social transformation.

We aim to foster an environment where teachers and students can work together peacefully and cooperatively to explore, question and debate any and all topics.

Our aim is to empower students to live a good and purposeful life through a variety of academic, vocational and other topics grounded in critical thinking and problem solving.

Faculty and student freedom will be further empowered by a model of governance, similar to Chicago Principles of Free Expression, that supports academic autonomy.

We are a free and open community who foster mutual respect for all.

Through a unique process involving mentorship, collaboration, self-reflection, and service, students will co-create their educational experiences in order to fulfill their individual journeys.

The Centre of Learning, founded on integrity, will be built with a reduced hierarchy to encourage faculty and student freedom of decision-making and innovation