Computer programming:  Taking it to the cloud

The six-week course is a playful guide through programming. If you have never programmed before, this course should motivate you to go further. If you are an experienced programmer, this course might help you get excited again. In this course, I will explain how programming can make you smarter. I will show how programming allows you to automate web access and find hidden treasures. I will show how programming can make you more creative and help you change the world.

Prerequisite: None.

Week 1 : Learning or re-learning programming in 60 minutes.
Week 2 : Get Smarter by Programming
Week 3 : Conquer the Web
Week 4 : Dig For Treasure
Week 5 : Creative Programming
Week 6 : Launch It In Space

Session:  Fall

Delivery Mode: Zoom 

Meeting Times: TBD


Daniel Lemire, PhD