Addicted:  Free Will Versus Drugs and the Internet

Do human beings have free will? If so, how much conscious control do we have over our behaviour? Is there a division between voluntary and involuntary behaviour in the brain? Classic debates on the issue of free will are rapidly evolving with new and fascinating findings from the frontiers of neuroscience. This course will cover the science and philosophy of addictive behavior by looking at how the brain navigates sensory information and reorganizes itself to update neural “maps of meaning” in a social world. We will explore both 1) a neuropsychopharmacological perspective on the development of drug abuse and 2) a neuropsychotechnological perspective on the development of problematic internet use.

Session : 4 weeks, 2 hours per week  Spring 2023

Delivery Mode: Zoom

Meeting Times:  TBD


Dr. Laurie Manwell